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The Importance of Teen Facials

As we move from the carefree days of summer to our normal school routines, a lot of things are at the forefront of minds of both parents and teens. Whenever teens are entering a setting such as school or a new job, putting their best face forward is a concern; a concern which is completely […]

Health and Wellness Benefits of Visiting a Spa

  As life gets busier and more stressful, it is apparent that we need to take time off and decompress. A simple way to do that is to add Spa Health and Wellness visits to our repertoire. Once thought of as a luxury for the privileged few, today, spa treatments have become the way to […]

Face Lift Sculpting – The Solution To Skin Aging

  Whether or not you are taking great care of your skin with professional products and regular facial treatments, you are only treating superficial layers of the skin (surface skin cells). Have you noticed increased fine lines and sagging of muscles in your face? Your solution may be to target something much deeper than the […]

Why Is My Hair So Greasy?

You’ve  been lied  to! What is the truth about greasy hair? Why does the bottle say “Wash, rinse, repeat?” Shampoo is just shampoo, right?   If you’ve been battling this ever so pesky problem, you are one of many as you know. So, to eliminate this problem, follow these steps for a minimum of 90 […]

Learn the Benefits of a Prenatal Massage

  Massage Therapy offers many types of benefits during pregnancy, and unlike medications, there are no side effects.   Massage relieves back pain, which happens in most pregnancies. It also provides relief against swelling, which is also common. A prenatal massage reduces anxiety, and it is said that a pregnant woman must also get enough […]

Spa Week At Salon Greco!

  Book your $50 spa week treatments for October 20-26, 2014 and experience luxury and relaxation. BOOK NOW   Hydra-Facial $50 (Reg. $75 / 55 min.) A customizable, rejuvenating, skin-resurfacing treatment that immediately reduces the look of lines, wrinkles, acne, hyper-pigmentation, congested pores and uneven skin tone on the face. This facial includes LED light […]

The Fall Hair Growth Event

Come experience the Fall Hair Growth Event at Salon Greco!     When: October 1st – 10am to 7pm October 2nd – 1pm-7pm   Where: Salon Greco 4320 Suwanee Dam Rd. Suwanee, GA (678) 546-5116   Why: Discover the secrets that beauty editors and celebrities have known for years!         Book a […]

Preserve The Beauty of the Skin – Bioline Now at Salon Greco

  The main essential substances that contribute to beautiful skin are :   VITAMINS are bio regulators , they function as catalyst of biological reactions for the correct functioning of the body. The majority of vitamins must be brought into the body from the outside. The vitamins required by the skin are: A, Group B, […]

Magic? No, Professional Hair Products!

OOO. AHHH. WOW! How do you get my hair to look this great? I can never do this at home! I wish you could come to my house every morning and make me look like this! Do you find yourself saying these things as you’re revealed your beautiful style after your hair appointment is complete? […]

How To Nail A Manicure Deal

Do you want to find out how to nail a manicure deal?   Say goodbye to chips, smudges and endless dry time and say hello to SHELLAC! This revolutionary service gives your natural nails supper shine & the strength and durability of gel nails. Enjoy a flawless manicure for 14 days without chipping, smudging or […]