A glaze is a semi-permanent hair treatment very similar to a gloss, that wears off in about 2-4 weeks based on how often you shampoo the hair. At Salon Greco a glaze can include a small amount of transparent color.

Here is what a glaze can do for your hair:

It creates a protective coating on hair. A glaze fills the gaps under the outer layer of the hair crating a protective shield.

Helps tame fly away hair. A glaze tames the smaller fly away hair as it creates a top coat of polish on the hair.

It reduces frizz. This protective coat on the outer part of hair can help control humidity and thus cuts don on frizz.

Camouflage damage. A glaze is by no means a repair treatment, but it can cause the chair to look less damaged since it seals it. Split ends are not as visible, and s\hair looks smoother and healthier.

Adds shine. Just as a top coat makes nails shiny, a glaze causes a smoother outer layer to reflect more light making hair shinier.

Adds a hue to colored hair. If mixed with a semi-permanent color, a glaze can be used to refresh an existing hair color, deposit a hue on gray hair or add a fashion color to virgin hair.

Extend longevity of hair color. As a glaze seals the hair shaft, it becomes a protective layer on top of the regular hair color. If it takes the glaze 2-4 weeks to wear off, that becomes extra color protection.

Helps detangle long hair. As a top coat, a glaze seals the cuticle layer of hair that causes tangles. The result is easier comb outs and less pulling on hair.

Salon Greco is here to help you get the color glaze you are looking for!