What everyone needs to know about Balayage

Balayage is a French technique of lighting hair by sweeping a bleaching agent on the ends of hair to create a natural sun kissed look. Over the years it has gained popularity making a hot trend in the USA.

Here is everything you need to know about Balayage:

  • Balayage originated in Paris France in the 70’s and involved a free hand lighting application to create lighter end strands of hair.
  • Balayage is a hair lightening technique not a look. Because it is a technique there can be countless of looks that can be created.
  • Balayage can only make your hair lighter using a bleaching agent. Usually the ends of hair and face framing sections are balayaged.
  • Balayage can be performed on all colors and types of hair. True Balayage will lift your natural hair to a point, exposing your natural hair color’s underpayments.

To achieve a color other than your natural under pigments, you must use a toner after Balayage or chose another lightening technique.

  • Darker hair might need several sessions before desired look can be achieved.
  • Balayage grows out gracefully and does not require a high maintenance.
  • The health of your hair determines the success of Balayage. The healthier the ends of your hair are the better your finished color will be. The more damage and split ends your hair has the more damage you will experience with Balayage.
  • Balayage will weaken your hair ends over time if not properly done. The more you Balayage the ends of your hair the more damaged your end will become.
  • Balayage requires regular hair treatments to keep your ends strong and moisturized. Regular treatments fortify your hair with fiber and condition it as preparation for future coloring services.
  • Balayage looks better on longer hair as the color transitions from roots to ends.

Balayage requires professional home care products in keeping hair healthy and color balanced. Over the counter products might dry out your ends, turn your ends brassy/yellow and cause split ends.

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