Here are 5 ways to benefit from a Hair Gloss:

  1. It smoothes out the outer layer of your hair! Since a gloss does not contain any harsh chemicals, it does not alter the hair but simply attaches itself to the outer layer creating a smooth finish on the hair.
  2. It fortifies the hair shaft! A gloss application gives the hair a protective outer layer that gives hair added volume and relative protection from humidity and environmental damage. It is a highly recommended treatment for clients whose hair color fades easily as it seals in color longer.
  3. It locks in moisture! The same protective layer added to the hair with a gloss, helps seal in moisture, especially if gloss is preceded by a deep moisturizing treatment.
  4. It adds shine to hair. A gloss gives hair a smooth outer shield that reflects light better. As a result, hair appears shinier and healthier. Who does not want healthier looking shinny hair?
  5. It makes it easier to comb out long hair. Another benefit of of a gloss is smoother hair with less raised cuticle layers to catch on one another. This results in easier to comb out hair, less damage and less breakage.


At Salon Greco we recommend you pair a glaze with a moisturizing treatment for longer lasting results. Glaze does not change the color of your hair and is mainly used to add shine and smooth out hair.

Next time you are at the salon, try a Hair Glaze and enjoy the benefits!