How To Prepare For Your Wedding Day

A Beauty Regiment For Brides & Grooms


Wedding Preparation


Brides stay busy the entire year before their wedding. Attention is given to the rings, the invitations, the gown, the veil/headpiece, the shoes, the attendants, the guest list, the photographer, the venue, the flowers, the cake, the decorations the food, the drinks, and the list goes on and on. All of these details will make for a beautiful wedding, as the most memorable events are captured in video and photos for the years to come.  However, the most important details are often thought of last by the bride. That is her beauty regiment: her hair, make-up, skin care & nails. Yet every picture and every video will show off the hair, the radiance of her skin, and her nails.

Brides spend so much time and money on details that will not matter after the wedding and won’t be the focus of any pictures. But your hair, makeup and nails will be in every picture and video. Make sure you budget for these details accordingly and do not wait for the last minute to find a stylist and a make-up artist. Trained professionals that specialize in bridal services are hard to find. No every stylist can do formal hair and not every make-up artist specializes in photography make-up.  

Remember that the most important details of your wedding are YOU and the GROOM.

Below is a beauty regiment to follow as you both prepare for your special day.


A Month Before The Wedding

Rest! Make sure you are sleeping 7-8 hours or as much as possible. Loss of regular sleep can affect many things you wouldn’t think of besides being tired and grouchy the next day. It can affect how your body handles stress, and fat storage. It can also make your skin look tired and dry. Remember, hydration is the key to supple skin. Sleep and hydration are keys for the month before your wedding.


Schedule Hair Appointments: Bride should schedule a consultation with the stylist & make-up artist that will do your bridal hair & make-up. Allow them to do a practice run. If you like it, book your bridal hair service at least one month ahead of time. Stylists get busy and if you wait for the last minute you might not be able to book the stylist you want.

Get a trim or haircut that will support your wedding hair style, a month ahead of the wedding. If the haircut is slightly shorter than what you wished, there is time for it to grow. Also, a trim gets rid of split ends, which makes for a prettier bridal finish.

Talk to the same stylist about your hair color, balayage or foils. Agree to what is needed prior to the wedding and book those appointments. We recommend that the stylist who will create your bridal style be the same that does your color, balayage or foils. The placement of the foils, Balayage and color must match their vision of your bridal hair.

Bride should start applying a hair specific mask once a week, at home. Ask your stylist to recommend a mask that will get your hair looking healthy & shiny. Make sure your hair is shiny and healthy before your special day. It does make a difference in your pictures.

The groom should get his hair cut by a stylist. If he has a regular stylist, inform them of the upcoming wedding. Make a plan as to when the final cut & style appointment should be made (based on the length of his hair). Book the follow up appointment before you leave the salon.


Notice how long it takes you to drive to the salon. It will be important the day of your wedding.


Schedule Your Skin Care: The bride should not try any harsh or aggressive treatments the month before the wedding unless you have had a regular professional skin care routine for a while. If you are under stress your skin can have an adverse reaction to such treatments. Instead try mild exfoliation with enzymes or microdermabrasion. They will leave your skin looking radiant and smooth for your bridal makeup.  For a more oily skin, we recommend a series of weekly purifying facials to unclog pores and get rid of excess oil.

Schedule a total body exfoliation, waxing and body butter. It will leave your skin smooth and hydrated, ready for your honeymoon.


Schedule Your Waxing: If you have never waxed before try it at least one month before the wedding. Many people break out after waxing or can have an allergic reaction to the different types of wax used.

Think of waxing underarms, legs, bikini area (or Brazilian), underarms, shape eye brows and any facial hair that might be needing attention.

Schedule your follow up appointment a week or 3 days before your wedding.


Schedule Nail Appointments: Decide what you want your nails to look like and schedule an appointment with a nail tech. Your hands (and your grooms) will be in a lot of pictures. You want your hands and feet to look good not only for the wedding but for the honeymoon.

Schedule a couple’s manicure and pedicure and enjoy a day at the spa together



A Week Before The Wedding

Rest! Continue to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep routine and remember to hydrate.


Hair Care: Get a color refresh if you have dark hair or toner to refresh your blond highlights. Add a clear glaze to add shine to the hair. If your hair is prone to split ends, get a split end cut. It is performed with a machine that eliminates only the split ends and does not remove length.

            The groom should get a haircut 3 or 2 days before the wedding.


Skin Care: We recommend the bride schedules a calming, moisturizing facial to prep the skin for the bridal make up. Dermaplaning is an excellent add on to any facial. It is non-invasive and removes dry skin and peach fuzz from the surface, and ensures your skin will absorb any active ingredients your esthetician uses during the facial and the day of the wedding.

            The groom should get a Gentleman’s facial. It will brighten the skin and add some moisture


Body Wellness: The stress is mounting and you need to take care of your body. We recommend a day at the spa for both the bride and the groom. Schedule couples’ massages, and increase blood circulation, release toxins that cause you fatigue & release stressed muscles. Massage will increase your energy level and “happy endorphins”.



Wax: This is the time for the groom to get his back waxed (if needed) & brows shaped.

            Bride should get legs, bikini, underarms, and any necessary facial waxing including brow shaping 2-3 days (depending on skin sensitivity) before the wedding.


Nail Care: You will be on your feet the majority of the day. Get your manicure and treat your feet to a Detox pedicure. Schedule a couples’ day at the Spa for couple’s massage, manicures and pedicures. 



The Day Before The Wedding


  • Rest! Get 8 hours of rest and drink lots of water.
  • Put a full face collagen mask on before bed. When you wake up your skin will be plump and hydrated and ready for makeup. Use a gentle face wash the night before. You do not have time or room for irritated skin. If you got skin care gifts at your shower… this is not the time to try it.
  • Take a steamy relaxing bath. Better yet schedule a hydrotherapy bath followed by a relaxing massage at the spa.
  • Do a total body exfoliation. Most brides think about their face but your body needs some attention too! Use a gentle body exfoliation the night before. If you have a spray tan, we wouldn’t recommend doing a scrub, but rather making sure after you get out of the shower you use a body butter to seal in the moisture and make your tan pop. You could also add coconut oil or almond oil to the body butter to give it a bit more moisture.
  • Bride should shampoo her hair the day before the wedding, blow dry it and style it as normal. You want to put some hairspray in your hair but do not overdue it. Hair holds curl better the day after you shampoo it. If your scalp is oily, we recommend you shampoo the day of the wedding, dry it and dry shampoo at the roots and hairspray at the ends. Your bridal style will last longer.
  • The groom should get a professional shave either the day before or the morning of the wedding.
  • Pack an emergency kit. Include travel size hairspray, lipstick, blush, mascara, hair pins, bobby pins, hair comb, safety pins, tweezers, white thread and needle, tooth brush, tooth paste, mints, Advil. In case you need them, you have them.

Follow these instructions and you will be Bride ready & beautiful.

Enjoy your special day and CONGRATULATIONS from the Salon Greco bridal services team!