Finding the right salon is such a pain! Salons are so intimidating to walk into, as you are taking a change with a total stranger to touch, cut, color, or style your most intimate accessory.   One wrong haircut and your life is miserable for the next 6-10 weeks. No wonder the majority of us women hate to try a new salon.

So with all of this fear and anxiety, what do you look for and what makes a great salon?

When you are looking for a new salon to care for your hair and beauty needs look for the following. Ask these questions to the receptionist prior to making an appointment.

Web presence! Check out the salon on the web. Read their “About Us” page. Get to know the history and philosophy of the salon you are considering. Most salons will also have bios of their stylist listed. Does the web page look professional? Do the stylists have experience of are they new to the industry? How are the stylist trained? How long has the salon been open?

Reviews! Reviews can tell you a lot about a salon. Look at the overall rating of the salon you are thinking of trying. Look at how many different clients took the time to write a review. What do they like most about the salon? Reviews will help you set some expectations about the salon you will e trying.

Pricing! While you are reviewing the salon on the web, look at their pricing. Are prices clearly posted on the web, or are they decided after the work is done. Ask for a price list upon arriving at the salon. You do not want to surprised at the end of your services.

Products Used! Inquire about the products used during the service. Either on the web or when you call to make the appointment, find out what products are used, especially if you suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin/scalp.

Guarantee! Find out if services and or products are guaranteed. Most reputable salons will not give money back on services rendered but they will guarantee to redo the service free of charge if you are not totally satisfied. The same goes for any of their products you purchase. Better salons offer one or two week guarantee on their products with a full refund if you do not like them or cannot use them.

Location! Is the location of the salon convenient to you? We highly recommend that when you find a salon that delights you with a great service and experience, that you stick with it. The more regular you visit the hair salon the better the service becomes as the stylist gets to know you, your hair, your likes and dislikes.

Tour the Salon! Take the time to drive to the salon ad take a tour. Meet the manager/owner, introduce yourself and check out their hospitality. Do they take time to greet you, offer you a drink, introduce you to any staff that is not busy, or are you just another number? That initial visit will set the mood for all of your follow up appointments, so make sure the salon makes you happy.

Cleanliness! Sanitation is not the priority in a lot of salons. Check out the cleanliness of a salon by walking into their bathroom. Look around and notice if the place is clean, organized and orderly.

Consultation! Does your appointment include a complementary consultation? Are you encouraged to bring in pictures of your inspiration? Would the stylist provide you with a visual example of what the service will resemble?

When at the salon, does the stylist ask enough questions so they understand what you want? Do they make suggestions on what would look good on you and why? Do they clearly explain what they will be doing, before the service starts? Do they explain what they will be using? Do they review how you should be styling your hair?

Skill & experience! Find out how many years of experience does the stylist have. Ask to see their work. Better stylists publish their work on Instagram, Facebook or some form of social media. Their work will show you if they can do your haircut, color or style. “Follow” the stylist so you stay in touch with the newest trends and fashion.

Rewards/Publishing! It is of interest to know if the salon has received any awards and if they have been published in any magazines, or featured in any shows. Salons that have such accolades are worth trying.

Have fun trying a new salon, as you have the tools now, to make a good choice. Click here to learn more about our hair salon!