7 Reasons to have your Highlights done at a Hair Salon!

While there are some beauty services that can be successfully done at home, like brow shaping, or deep conditioning hair treatments, other services are best left to the professionals at the salon. Here are 7 reasons why your highlights should be done at a hair salon:

  1. Expert work – Perfect ribbons of lighter, brighter hair can only be achieved by professionals. Highlighting hair involves too many variables like accurate mixing of specific chemicals for your specific hair type and accurate processing time. Unless you are a professional, it is hard to know what to use and what not to, how long to leave it on the hair & whether it needs to process with heat or not. One wrong variable can give you unwanted results and/or damage your hair for a long time.
  2. Placement control – The placement of the highlights determines the final look of your hair. At home you might be able to get through the side sections but how will you manage the back and the crown? It is hard or almost impossible to section your own hair, weave out the right amount of hair to be foiled, balance the foil close to the scalp with one hand while applying the lightener with the other, and all while you are bending to reach the hair at the back of your head…. The stylist at the salon on the other hand has much better control of the highlighting process and the final outcome is perfect. Most clients doing their own highlights at home end up with bleach or color “bleeding” out of the foils and onto to their scalp, creating a Cheetah effect . Leave the placement to the professionals unless you are into Cheetah prints..
  3. Professional products – At a hair salon, the stylists have access to many products they can choose according to hair texture, natural hair color and health of the hair they are highlighting. They can also choose two or three formulas to accomplish the desired look based on the needs of the hair. Professional grade products used at the salon are gentler on your hair, then what you will be using at home.  It is noteworthy to say that over the counter products can cause great damage to your hair & scalp that at times cannot be fixed.
  4. Healthy hair – Using professional products during a highlighting process at a hair salon means healthier hair. Stylists get to evaluate your hair by type, texture and health condition. They will formulate accordingly and might suggest additional services like fiber treatments to add strength and shine to hair after the highlighting process. Who does not want healthy hair?
  5. Professional guarantee – Most salons guarantee their services, so if there is ever an issue of you not liking the highlights, you can have them corrected without any worries or hassles. Think of what happens if your highlights done at home go wrong…
  6. Save you money – If your highlights done at home go wrong, it will cost you a lot of time and money to have them corrected. Color corrections can cost two to three times the cost of highlights and might be done over a period of several weeks. At times the hair is so damaged that it actually melts leaving you with no choice but to cut the hair really short. Also, chemical burns to the scalp can incur medical bills and permanent damage to scalp and hair follicles.

Relaxing experience – Getting away from home, kids, husband and all, and visiting the salon is a relaxing experience. Spend some relaxing time at the salon and get the perfect highlights by professionals.

If you are thinking of getting highlights, visit Salon Greco and let our color experts crate ribbon art without the damage and worries.