Hair Loss can be psychologically destabilizing. Our experts conduct private hair loss analysis and offer an array of options to  make you feel and look fabulous. These options include at home care, in-salon treatments, non surgical hair replacement, hair integration, toppers, prosthetics and hair extensions. 

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A reasonable loss of hair is perfectly normal. Natural hair loss is approximately 60-80 hairs. However, in addition to this normal  loss, other losses may be more serious, and require treatment adapted to each individual cases:

  • If the scalp is extremely oily, too much and poor quality sebum is being secreted resulting in an over-developed cutaneous microbial flora.  The hair becomes limp and is hard to manage. The sebum acts as a veritable hair remover. 
  • If the scalp is poorly irrigated, the capillaries are being strangled by the nerve fibers, resulting in malnutrition of the papilla and thus causing the new hair produced to become increasingly finer and more fragile. 
  • If the scalp is dry anaemicthe lack of oil causes water to evaporate from the tissues, resulting in malnutrition of the papilla mother cells. 
  • If the scalp has a dandruff  condition, the dandruff stifles the scalp, causing hair loss to fall. 
  • Other causes for hair loss are: Stress, illness, traumahormonal changes, etc.


Hair loss is never an irreversible phenomenon. It can be halted by specific treatments. Hair loss can be psychologically destabilizing, so do not let the condition become permanent. Treat the problem before it becomes serious. But you must be patient…new hair is only visible after around three or more months of treatment!

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