Ombré is a gradient of color, darker at the roots and gradually getting lighter towards the ends.

To create an Ombré look, the colorist starts with a root color application if client desires a look darker than her natural or if covering gray. The root color is applied with uneven distribution so as not to create a distinct color line. The colorist might decide to perform the lighting of the ends at the same time as the root color is processing. We recommend keeping the services separate to keep the colors clean and flawless.

Once the root color is processed and rinsed out, the hair is dried and the lighting process begins. The Ombre look can be achieved with a Balayage coloring technique, where bleach is applied to the ends hair in a sweeping way, or placed in foils after teasing the roots to create the gradation. The point of this step is to softly transition the bleaching of the hair from a soft, seamless effect that is darker at the roots and lighter towards the ends.

The bleaching process can take some time to be complete and client might have to seat under a heat source to help lift the hair to a lighter end color.

Once the desired lighting is complete, hair will be shampooed, conditioned and most likely be treated by a glaze or toner, where the desired hue is added to the bleached hair.

Hair will be finished with a conditioner or leave in treatment, blow dried and styled. We highly recommend curls as a finishing touch since they showcase Ombre color the best.

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