If you are contemplating coloring your hair, there are a few things you need to know ahead of time.

  1. Avoid home color! Doing your hair color at home might be economic, but again… you get what you pay for. Hair Color is a chemical and can damage both your hair and scalp.
  2. Seek a color expert not just a hairstylist! For best hair color results seek a color expert. Look at their social media for sample of their work before you trust them with your tresses.
  3. Go easy at first! Start with a gloss or Semi-permanent color, or minimum highlights for your first time to see if hair color is for you.
  4. Hair color requires maintenance! Since hair grows at the rate of about ½ inch per month, you should be ready to commit to some type of maintenance. Permanent color requires a 4-5 week touch up, Demi-permanent requires 5-6 weeks and Semi-permanent 6-8 weeks..
  5. Hair color Fades! Yes, even Permanent hair color fades as it grows out, by shampooing too often, using too much heat during styling and with all the abuse we put our hair through daily.
  6. Unwanted hair color can be fixed! Whether you did it yourself or at a salon, a color expert can fix unwanted color. However, color correction is time consuming, can take several visits and is expensive.
  7. Hair Color requires specific home care! Know ahead of time that hair color requires specific home care (shampoo, conditioner, leave in treatments) that match the chemistry of the color your stylists used. Using over the counter products can result in fading, change of color and dryness of hair fiber.
  8. Know what can fade/change your new hair color! Avoid excess heat while styling; use cooler water to shampoo your hair; use stylist recommended shampoo & conditioner; avoid shampooing everyday; avoid sun exposure; avoid swimming pools/Jacuzzis; use water solvable styling products.

Salon Greco is here to help you with your all your hair coloring needs!