Every color correction is unique, requires different correction techniques, and involves different time and service charges. In my 30 years of experience as a colorist I have encountered the same basic color correction challenges.

Clients attempting home color at home. Hair color should be left to the professionals and specifically color experts. When trying hair color at home you run the danger of using the wrong product for your hair type, not having even product application, enough product, and not knowing how to compensate for mishaps. The result is a patch of colors mixed with the natural hair color, not to mention possible hair damage.

Unrealistic expectation by clients. It is a fact that some looks cannot be achieved on certain hair types. For example it is impossible to make black colored hair platinum in one salon visit. Listen to the color expert if they tell you it cannot be done.  

Badly damaged hair. Beautiful hair color is the result of beautiful healthy hair. Damaged hair is the biggest challenge to color correction since it hinders the colorist from performing necessary steps to color correction.

Cost of color correction. Color Correction is timely and costly. It can take many service steps to correcting an existing hair color to get a client to where they need to be, and the color expert needs to be compensated not only for their time but also their expertise.

Lack of time. The desired look might need longer to achieve than the client has time for. In a lot of case I find that clients are in a hurry to correct their color and rush the color expert.

Failure to tell the truth. Even top experts can fail in doing certain hair colors if the client is not totally honest with the history of their hair. Be honest in answering your colorist’s questions. It can make of break your color service.

At Salon Greco we conduct a thorough consultation prior to any color correction and insist on specific home use products before we attempt the corrective services.