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Our Powerful Disinfectant – Barbicide®

 Salons and spas are social gathering places where staff and clients intermingle and physical contact is unavoidable. Since social distancing is impossible, salon and spas are required by state law to keep strict sanitation rules in order to maintain their professional licensing.  Salon Greco and most salons choose to use Barbicide® for all of our […]

The Benefits Of Moore Mud

Tap into an ancient healing & rejuvenating ritual: A Moore Mud Bath! Designed by nature to rejuvenate and repair cells, Moore Mud has been around for centuries. Used by the Greeks, Romans & Egyptians, this magical substance was believed to preserve youthfulness, stop skin from aging and regenerate cells contributing to classic beauty and longevity. […]

How often can the Keratin Complex Treatment be performed?

Keratin Complex Hair treatments come in different strengths and require different maintenance. Keratin Complex is the strongest and longer lasting of the company’s treatments and can be performed every 4-5 months, depending on the texture of the hair, the home care and the frequency of the shampooing process. The courser the hair, the curlier the […]

What is a good treatment for dry and damaged hair?

Dry and damaged hair are two different hair conditions. Dry hair lacks moisture and requires frequent treatments to add moisture back into it.      When treating dry hair, it is important to identify and control the reasons why it is dry. Is it too much washing and drying? Harsh shampoos & conditioners? Too much styling heat? […]

Do perms damage hair?

Yes! Perms damage hair. That’s how they create the curl formation you desire. The perm solution is strong enough to swell up the outer layer of the hair and penetrate into the cortex, where it breaks down or softens the disulfide bonds of hair that hold it together and give it its shape. The “breaking […]

What are the best treatments for oily scalp and hair?

Oily hair, is the source of frustration of most teens and plenty of adults. Oily scalp is caused by overactive sebaceous glands that produce excess oil to coat the hair closer to the scalp. Since the issue stems from a scalp imbalance, the solution lies in treating the scalp. The first step in controlling oily […]

What are the best hair extensions?

I have been doing hair extensions for over 20 years and I can tell you that the best hair extensions to use, has to do with more than the company where the hair comes from. If you are thinking of getting hair extensions consider the following: 100% Natural Remy Hair – Natural hair extensions are […]

7 Reasons to have your Highlights done at a Hair Salon!

While there are some beauty services that can be successfully done at home, like brow shaping, or deep conditioning hair treatments, other services are best left to the professionals at the salon. Here are 7 reasons why your highlights should be done at a hair salon: Expert work – Perfect ribbons of lighter, brighter hair […]

What is the purpose of foils when dying hair?

Did you know that the word Foil means “to prevent”? Check it out for yourself. When used as a hair coloring technique, foil is used to isolate select strands of hair with color or bleach and separate them from the rest of the hair. In this way it “prevents” the hair color applied to these […]

What everyone needs to know about Balayage

Balayage is a French technique of lighting hair by sweeping a bleaching agent on the ends of hair to create a natural sun kissed look. Over the years it has gained popularity making a hot trend in the USA. Here is everything you need to know about Balayage: Balayage originated in Paris France in the […]