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Cutest HOMECOMING Proposal Ideas

Homecoming is fast approaching! If you’re planning on asking someone, here’s some cute ideas to get your imagination going. …and don’t forget! Salon Greco has an amazing & exclusive HO/CO package for just $99 that includes hair AND makeup. Don’t wait last minute to book your appointments and have to settles for something less than […]

Hydrobaths & why you need to try one ASAP!

This European water therapy has been carried out for hundreds of years, and is now an integral part of many healing processes. Hydrotherapy by definition is the treatment of physical disability, injury, or illness by immersion of all or part of the body in water to facilitate movement, promote wound healing, relieve pain, etc., usually […]

10 Best Summer Hacks!

1. The Fitted Sheet You’re laying on your beach towel or blanket on the beach, and a couple of kids run passed you kicking sand all over you & your blanket- this has happened to EVERYONE! Bring a fitted sheet and use your beach bags as the “anchors” to avoid this ever happening again! Pretty […]

9 Healthy Summer Lifestyle Tips

Summer is ALMOST officially here – June 21st (even though the weather has already arrived)…a lot of us are going through what we call our “summer transition”. Meaning we’re trying to lose some of our winter weight and slim down for swim season & shorts weather. Here’s some tips to ease your seasonal transition!   […]

The 5 Benefits of Dry Brushing – Our Newest Service!

Among ancient health & beauty regiments- you’ll find Dry Brushing prominent in Greek, Egyptians, and Asian cultures.   What’s Dry Brushing? It’s a ritual of brushing your skin with a soft yet firm natural bristle brush in order to remove dead skin cells and stimulates the skin to regenerate. When worked into a regular routine, […]

Mom of the Year 2017

Our first ever! Mom of the Year contest. We wanted to do something fun and meaningful, something to give back to our amazing clients & the City of Suwanee… Starting mid-March we were accepting nominations for the Best Mom! We asked for 3 reasons why, and a photo of mom in the e-mail submissions. It […]


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage is very similar to Swedish massage in the way that the massage is performed. The difference between a Deep tissue and Swedish is the pressure used. Swedish massage is a more topical massage, mainly performed with a lighter pressure. Deep tissue gets into the places that are not normally affected by a […]

Swedish Massage Benefits

Everyone loves a good massage. Most times, it doesn’t matter if the person massaging you is a professional or not. It just feels good to be touched. Most people go to get a massage for relaxation, and most people also do not know that there are many more benefits to massage then just an hour […]