The Benefits Of Moore Mud

Tap into an ancient healing & rejuvenating ritual: A Moore Mud Bath!
Designed by nature to rejuvenate and repair cells, Moore Mud has been around for centuries. Used by the Greeks, Romans & Egyptians, this magical substance was believed to preserve youthfulness, stop skin from aging and regenerate cells contributing to classic beauty and longevity.
What is Moor Mud?
Moor Mud is an organic peat substance formed by the decomposition of a variety of plants over a very long period of time. Extracted from the moorlands of Central Europe, it is a black paste that dissolves easily in water and has a high concentration of amino acids, bio minerals, trace elements, plant hormones, vitamins and fatty acids.
What Are The Benefits Of Moore Mud?
A bath in Moore Mud can aid in replenishing our bodies’ minerals, trace elements and vitamins that are lost slowly, over time due to a lack of these substances in our diet and/or difficulty absorbing them from foods.
At Salon Greco, we use 100% natural, untreated, preservative free, therapy quality Moore Mud extract, no clay included.
Relax and enjoy a 20 minute Moore Mud in a warm and soothing bath surrounded by candle light & soft music. Rediscover peace & tranquility while you rejuvenate your body in this ancient ritual, soothe your mind, calm your soul and leave your body totally relaxed.