What is a good treatment for dry and damaged hair?

Dry and damaged hair are two different hair conditions.

Dry hair lacks moisture and requires frequent treatments to add moisture back into it.      When treating dry hair, it is important to identify and control the reasons why it is dry. Is it too much washing and drying? Harsh shampoos & conditioners? Too much styling heat? Harsh water? Too much chlorine? Most of the time, changing these variable can fix the dry hair problem.

Most people look for oil based treatments for their dry hair but moisture and oil are two different ingredients. While oils add shine and luster to the hair, frequent use of only oils can also suffocate the hair and keep it from absorbing the much needed moisture it needs. Remember that oil and water do not mix. Oil repels water that is needed for moist looking hair.

When treating dry hair, look for a conditioner or hair mask with a low PH to seal the outer layer of the hair which helps maintain hairs’ natural moisture levels. Stay away from products with heavy oils and wax. Such ingredients will give you the illusion of smoother hair, but long term they cause build up and interfere with coloring processes.

The moisturizing products we recommend for dry hair, that will add moister without buildup and heavy oils are: Framesi Color Lover Moisture Mask & Alfaprf Nutritive Mask.

Damaged hair on the other hand has different needs than just dry hair. Damaged hair is identified by frayed, unraveled stands, missing cuticle layers (the outer, protective layer) and compromised, exposed cortex (bonds or hair). Think of damaged hair as a frayed, rope end that coming apart. Such hair needs repair moisture and sealing. Such treatments are best done at the salon with stronger ingredients than one would find in a conditioner or hair mask.

To repair damaged hair it is necessary to add the basic building blocks (Amino Acids & Keratin), lipids and moisture into the hair. Then a sealant such as glaze or gloss, must be used to hold these ingredients within the hair to create the illusion of smooth, healthy hair until the damage is cut off.

To repair damaged hair we highly recommend our SOS Intense treatment that includes a Keratin & Collagen infusion, a repair mask with customized boosters, followed by a clear gloss. For home use we recommend the Reparative Mask by Alfaparf.

Let the professionals at Salon Greco create a customized plan for your dry, damaged hair treatments.