Do perms damage hair?

Yes! Perms damage hair. That’s how they create the curl formation you desire.

The perm solution is strong enough to swell up the outer layer of the hair and penetrate into the cortex, where it breaks down or softens the disulfide bonds of hair that hold it together and give it its shape. The “breaking down” of these bonds is technically hair breakage.

Do not worry though, the damage is temporary. The second part of the perming service, the neutralizing, reverses the effect of the perm solution. It reforms or hardens the disulfide bonds to the curl shape of the roller that the hair strands are curled on. As the second part of the perm is rinsed out the water continues to harden the newly formed bonds so the hair is now curlier than before.

If your hair is healthy before a perm service and if the service is done correctly, the hair will not suffer any long term damage. If your hair however, is bleached, dry, brittle and lacks fiber, your hair will show the effects of the braking down of the bonds during the perm service.

A perm service should start with a thorough consultation and hair analysis. Be honest with your stylist about the history of your hair as well as the products you use at home. Have realistic expectations and follow your stylist’s instructions for home care after your perm service.

Modern perm services offer lots of styling options for clients that have no texture or movement to their natural hair.

At Salon Greco we use the mildest perm solution to give you curls, waves or just volume to your naturally straight hair. Visit one of our stylists for a consultation and see if you are a good candidate for a perm.