What are the best hair extensions?

I have been doing hair extensions for over 20 years and I can tell you that the best hair extensions to use, has to do with more than the company where the hair comes from. If you are thinking of getting hair extensions consider the following:

100% Natural Remy Hair – Natural hair extensions are easy to care for and can be styled just as your own hair. Synthetic hair might be cheaper but it’s sensitive to sun and hard to style. Remy hair is considered the best quality hair to use because the cuticle (outer layer of hair) is intact, soft, silky and tangle free.

Color match – The best hair extensions offer seamless match to your natural hair color. For a blended look order two or three shades of colors, place the darker shade at the nape and lighter at the crown.

Shine – Hair extensions should be soft, shiny looking. Shine reflects the quality care of the process the extension hair has undergone before it is attached to your hair. Keep up the shine on your extensions by doing regular treatments at the salon and at home.

Manageable length – Extensions offer length and fullness but excess length can give them away. You might want to ask your stylist for advice as to the proper length of the extensions based on your existing thickness & quality of your own hair.

Individualized, custom placement – What makes the best extensions is also the attachment technique. The best extension placement is customized to suit your hair’s needs and desired look. An extension specialist might combine two or three placement techniques to suite your needs.

Cost – Best hair extensions should not break your bank. If you have a budget, make sure you share it with your stylist. She should be able to make suggestions on how to get the hair of your dreams without going broke.

Below is a list of reputable hair extension sources, however we highly recommend you let your stylist purchase and guarantee the hair.



Donna Bella

Great Lengths

Hair Dreams


Visit Salon Greco and let one of our extension experts create the hair of your dreams.