What are the best treatments for oily scalp and hair?

Oily hair, is the source of frustration of most teens and plenty of adults. Oily scalp is caused by overactive sebaceous glands that produce excess oil to coat the hair closer to the scalp. Since the issue stems from a scalp imbalance, the solution lies in treating the scalp.

The first step in controlling oily scalp is to cleanse properly. Shampoo twice (shampoo, rinse, repeat) every time you shampoo. Use a clarifying shampoo once a week (every threes shampoos for mild oily scalp), every other shampoo for excess oily scalp, and alternate with a mild shampoo without sodium or sulfites.

Restore the PH of the scalp by using a low PH conditioner with Tea Tree or Apple Cider Vinegar as the base. Avoid heavy conditioners, especially on the scalp.

Blowdry and style the hair using minimum products on the scalp. Use dry shampoo between shampooing to dry out the scalp and keep sebum from spreading onto the hair.

The best solution to oily scalp and hair are in salon professional treatments.

At Salon Greco we perform our signature Oily Scalp Treatment by applying a scalp exfoliant, and a customized treatment for the ends of hair. We follow the treatment with a thorough scalp massage to encourage removal of dead cells and scalp balance. Hair stays oil free for weeks and the scalp feels clean and light.

For home use we recommend Propolis Jelly by j.f.lazartigue (Paris), as a scalp remedy, Propolis Shampoo by j.f.lazartigue (Paris) for everyday use, and a hair type appropriate conditioner.


Get a Oily scalp treatments at Salon Greco and feel the difference a clean, balanced scalp can make.