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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage is very similar to Swedish massage in the way that the massage is performed. The difference between a Deep tissue and Swedish is the pressure used. Swedish massage is a more topical massage, mainly performed with a lighter pressure. Deep tissue gets into the places that are not normally affected by a […]

Swedish Massage Benefits

Everyone loves a good massage. Most times, it doesn’t matter if the person massaging you is a professional or not. It just feels good to be touched. Most people go to get a massage for relaxation, and most people also do not know that there are many more benefits to massage then just an hour […]

PROM @ Salon Greco

Ladies! Prom season is coming up before you know it. We are here for you, so don’t panic. We’ve got you with Hair, Make Up, Nails, AND Photos. Literally all you need to do is come dressed with your group. Trust the Prom Experts for your evening look <3             […]

ENTER Salon Greco’s “Mom of the Year”

Nominate your mom before May 1st! 1 Winner will be named Mom of the Year! She will receive a complete Make Over from us and a Relaxing Spa Day! We curated a beautiful gift basket with our amazing sponsors that she will be gifted when she comes in to Salon Greco! We are so excited!!! […]

Top 6 Cold to Hot Weather Tips for Your Hair

                                                                                                       When you’re venturing outside […]

Foils or Balayage?

Both Foils and Balayage are hair coloring techniques used to lighten hair. So, how do you decide what you need? Here are some facts to remember: Foils Foiling, a more traditional lightening technique, involves painting select strips of hair with lightener or color, then, wrapping them in foil to keep them isolated and separated from […]

Important facts about Anti-Aging

ANTI-AGING! The word has been used in reference to health care, supplements, diets, lifestyle and of course skin care. So, what is Anti-Aging?  Anti = Against,  Aging = the process of growing old; therefore, Anti-Aging is our fight of the aging process, no matter how we choose to do it. Our fight against aging, especially […]

Facelift Sculpting: Is your Esthetician a Magician?

Estheticians and magicians: on the outside they may seem like they have nothing in common. But dig a little deeper and you may realize that there are similarities. Magicians amaze their audience by performing feats that appear to be impossible. The very definition of magic is: the power of apparently influencing the course of events […]

What You Need To Know About Flat Irons

Have you gone shopping for a flat iron lately? OMG! It’s crazy & confusing out there with so many types, brands & sizes to choose from. How do you choose the right one for your hair? Here’s what you need to know: A flat iron is a wonderful but dangerous tool to use on your […]