What does the Neurotris Facial Rejuvenation Device Treat?

  • Increases ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) by 500%
  • Tones & lifts neck, jaw, cheeks, eye area & forehead.
  • Reduces & eliminates fine lines.
  • Increases Collagen & Elastin.
  • Improves sun damage, rosacea, acne, melasma & more.
  • Stimulates blood circulation, oxygenation, and lymphatic drainage.
  • Reduces inflammation & dark circles under eyes.
  • Improves hydration.

What is the age range?

  Treatment is suitable for clients from age 35 to 85.

How long is the treatment?

Treatments can be 30 minutes to 60 minutes in length.

A 30 minute session treats a specific area.

A 60 minute session treats the entire face.

A full series of 60 minute treatments is ideal at first to get the desired results.

Maintenance Booster treatments can be 30 minute long.

How many sessions are recommended for a full series?

  •  Clients under 40 years old: 5 treatments over 2-3 weeks.
  •  Clients 40 -50 years old: 8-15 treatments over 4-7 weeks.
  •  Clients 50 & older: 15 treatments over 5 -7 weeks.

Treatments should be performed 48 to 72 hours apart during a full series and once a month for maintenance.  Smokers, sunbathers, or clients with a history of toxic substances may require 15- 20 treatments.

How soon will I see results?

The treatments will produce impressive changes within ten minutes of your first session. Further changes will be even more dramatic, effective and lasting as the APT is accumulated, cell structure strengthened, collagen & elastin rebuild, and muscles memory achieved with a full series.

Origins of Neurotris

Back in the early 1900’s, Dr Albert Abrams M.D. was the first physician who used equipment capable of detecting specific frequencies of living tissue. Each organ and tissue within our body emits an invisible energy or vibration in the form of specific frequencies. This allows the cells to communicate with each other and to organize, monitor, and regulate complex living processes. When there is a disruption in this vibration or energy as a result of injury, illness, or the normal aging process, we begin to see the symptoms of this disruption in the form of skin atrophy and wrinkled deteriorating skin. Our SX Series machine utilizes unique technologies, to re-energize the cells and tissue back to their normal state of vibration.

The SX-3500 Facial Rejuvenation Microcurrent System

SX-3500 Facial Rejuvenation System

SX-3500 Facial Rejuvenation System

The SX-3500 facial rejuvenation microcurrent system uses the latest advancements in our patent pending Quad-Core ISOGEN Pico technology to deliver our Micro, Nano and Pico signatures. This process communicates at the cellular level by resonating cells to match the body’s normal biological harmonics for facial rejuvenation.

The SX-3500 is preprogrammed with 6 presets for true facial sculpting (oxygenation, refine NANO (deep fine line removal), refine PICO (superficial fine line removal), toning, face lifting (sculpting), Iontophoresis (product penetration) and detoxification. Each preset is comprised of 100’s of frequencies to make a specific signature for each program. The SX-3500 uses Galvanic, Faradic, Biphasic, Sine waves, Square waves, DC Positive, and DC negative potentials for achieving unique, specific sculpting benefits for each program.

These specific frequency signatures are monitored by a built in bio-feedback computer, maintaining perfect signature morphology using our Quad-Core ISOGEN Pico technology, and delivered with our 4 prong Pico Probes. Each prong has its own signal generating system (4 channels). This means that the results are 4 times as great compared to a single channel system. The combination of our quad-Core ISOGEN Pico technology along with the bio-feedback computer that continuously monitors total body impedance and makes automatic adjustments to maintain a pure waveform even at very low (Nano) levels of current makes for a unique and powerful system with extreme proven results.

The SX-3500 will work in a single probe mode. You can use one probe on each side of the treatment area and treat both at the same time (Featuring the 15 min facial). Expected benefits are: Improve facial and neck muscle tone, lift jowls and eyebrows, reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, improve facial circulation, skin exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, product penetration, improving sun damaged skin and skin pigmentation, and much more.

Microcurrent Technology

Microcurrent Technology

Microcurrent Technology

A-1 Engineering, manufacture of the NeurotriS SX Series machines, discovers a breakthrough in microcurrent technology and patents “Constant Waveform Morphology” (C.W.M.). Constant Waveform Morphology (C.W.M.) is the ability to deliver an absolute pure bioelectric signature at low Micro, Nano and Pico levels without that signature being affected by normal body impedances. Constant Waveform Morphology was developed through the discoveries of an English scientist Michael Faraday, who invented the “Faraday shield” in 1836.

The Faraday shield is simply an electromagnetic force field that blocks all external electromagnetic disturbances allowing for a PURE internal conductive medium. C.W.M. allows for bioelectric signatures to be delivered through and ULTRA PURE medium maximizing efficiency at low Micro, Nano and Pico currents. This is a breakthrough and sets a new standard for the delivery system of bioelectric signatures. The advantage of C.W.M. is the ability of somatic cells to communication more efficiently with a pure acoustically tuned signature which yields optimum results. C.W.M. will soon be the standard protocol to deliver bioelectric energy for esthetic and cosmetic uses. C.W.M. is the platform of the SX Series technology and is what sets us aside from the competition.

Application of Microcurrent and Specific Frequency Signatures (S.F.S.)

The flow of information within our body is achieved by the brains ability to generate electrical activity or unique frequencies (specific signatures). The nervous system has the ability to orchestrate transmission of these complex electric signatures in order to achieve maximum communication directly to the cells and muscles of our body. These signatures, also known as nerve impulses or action potentials, represent a fundamental means of communication in the nervous system. An action potential (signature) propagates along the nerve in rapid bursts or Specific Frequency Signatures (S.F.S.) with the instruction to elicit a desired effect. For example, the motor neurons are able to recognize these Specific Frequency Signatures as muscle contraction signatures and cause the muscle to contract. The SX series machines, with its Patented Pending Technology (S.F.S.) have the ability to resonate a complex array of frequencies and currents (S.F.S) with each unique signature promising to elicit a specific effect.

Applied within the SX Series Facial Rejuvenation Systems:
Our SX series facial rejuvenation systems are programmed with a unique set of signatures that promises to deliver several effects. Unlike our SX series body toning system signatures, the signatures in our facial rejuvenation system is tuned to a lower micro, nano and pico level which does not cause facial muscle contractions. The signatures are delivered using C.W.M. and programmed to affect all layers of the skin making the SX series facial rejuvenation systems a true sculpting machine. Results seen are; wrinkle reduction, toning, tightening, facial lifting, neck tightening, Increases in ATP Production, Increases in Collagen, Increases in Elastin, Improved skin texture, Improved circulation and more.

Application of Microcurrent and Quad-Core ISOGEN Technology.
The SX 3500 facial rejuvenation system uses the latest advancements in our Patent Pending Quad-Core ISOGEN Technology to effectively deliver the micro, nano, and pico signatures. This process communicates at a cellular level by resonating cells to allow for natural enhancements of normal biological processes. Quad-Core ISOGEN technology uses not 1 but 4 signature channels to ensure maximum efficiently in the delivery system. All other machines use only one channel. To enhance the delivery system even further, the 4 Quad channels are monitored by our patent pending INSITE-WAVEFORM technology delivering the signatures through 8 different modalities; Galvanic, Faradic, Biphasic, Positive Potential, Negative Potential, Sine Wave, Square Wave, and DC. INSITE-WAVEFORM technology allows for all channels to function independently of each other without interference for extreme facial sculpting. Seeing is believing.