The safest & fastest body waxing experience in Gwinnett

Our depilatory wax is imported from France, dries hard and it is removed without the use of paper or fabric strips. It removes hair completely from the root, eliminates any sticky after effect and leaves skin soft and smooth with minimum irritation.

But let’s face it… Who wants a slow wax? Our spa professionals are trained by the Wax Queen to be fast and effective. We offer various hair removal services and totally customized options for bikini area waxing.

  • Arm Wax
  • Brazilian Wax
  • Classic Bikini Wax
  • French Bikini Wax
  • Chin or Lip Wax
  • Eyebrow Wax
  • Full Back Wax
  • Full Leg Wax
  • Half Leg Wax
  • Side-burn Wax