Body Wraps in Suwanee, GA

Slimming Body Wraps, Body Exfoliation & Moisturizing Treatments are offered at Salon Greco in Suwanee, GA

  • Contour Wrap (Inch Loss) $100
  • Dry Skin Brushing $65
  • Body Exfoliation & Body Butter $110
  • Back Treatment $100
  • Head & Feet Massage (30 min) $45

Body Contour Wrap

Lose 2-4 inches or up to 1/2 dress or pant size, each wrap with this natural ingredient wrap by M’lis.

Treatment stimulates lymphatic system to detoxify tissues speeding up the weight loss.  Not a dehydrating treatment. Results are permanent.

Lose 2-4 inches or up to 1/2 dress or pant size each wrap

Body Wrap

Choose from a Moisturizing or Seasonal Flavor

If you are looking to feel smooth & silky you must experience this wrap. We use imported creams featuring Olive Extract to infuse your skin with vital vitamins & minerals to moisturize dry skin.  We recommend you start with a Body Exfoliation and a Hydrotherapy Bath.

Dry Skin Brushing

Experience our brand new Brush Brushing Session. A full body brushing with an amazing organic oil treatment & all natural Dry Skin Brush. After your session you’ll know how to properly Brush & you’ll take home the brush used during your session. Daily Dry Skin Brushing stimulates the Lymphatic System, detoxifies, reduces the appearance of cellulite, exfoliates, unclogs pores, boosts blood pressure & invigorates your body- giving you a wave of energy!

Salon Greco’s exclusive Dry Skin Brushing is an amazing compliment to any Massage, Hydrotherapy Bath, or Body Treatment.

Body Exfoliation

This treatment a Buff Body Exfoliator that contains All Natural papaya Enzyme to remove dry skin and leave skin feeling smooth, fresh and alive. It is best followed by a Body Butter Treatment.

Body Butter Treatment

Let us wrap you in a cocoon of luxury products for the perfectly moisturized skin.

Our Body Butter begins with a paraben-free, Certified Organic Olive Oil-based moisturizer that is easily absorbed by skin and includes Shea Butter and Macadamia Oil known for their rich emollient properties, to leave your body feeling silky soft to the touch.

Back Treatment

Our back is the last place we can reach. A Back Treatment is like a facial for the back. Includes cleansing, deep enzyme exfoliation, extraction (if necessary), Mask and Balancing Cream.  A Hot towel treatment completes this relaxing service.

Things to know about your Body Contour Wrap

Prior to wrap:

  • Don’t be wrapped if you have a heart condition, cancer that is not in remission, use Coumadin, or suffer from epilepsy, are pregnant or nursing.
  • Do a 5 day internal detoxification prior to the wrap for best results.
  • Do ensure you are not sensitive to Niacin
  • Don’t use any tanning creams or vitamins that contain Niacin 2 days prior to wrap.
  • Do discontinue taking vitamins for 1 -2 days prior to wrap.
  • Don’t use lotion, body cream or perfume prior to wrap.
  • Don’t shave legs, underarms or bikini area prior to wrap.
  • Don’t consume carbonated drinks, or coffee, prior to wrap.
  • Do drink plenty of water the day of wrap – but not within 1.5 hrs of receiving wrap (to avoid the need to use the restroom during wrap).

After the wrap:

  • Don’t shower within 6-8 hrs of receiving wrap.
  • Do drink a minimum of ½ your body weight in ounces a day.
  • Do start taking Cell-U-Rid to continue flashing toxins.
  • Do enzymatic exfoliation of the skin during showering.
  • Do use Maintain cream each day after the wrap.
  • Do schedule a Swedish (or Lymphatic) massage a day or two after your wrap.

What to expect:

You are buffed and measured before a stimulating contour cream is applied to your skin. Next, you are tightly wrapped in cellophane and laid down to rest for an hour while the cream is absorbed. After your rest the wrap is removed and you are re-measured to determine inch loss. The active ingredients in the body wrap cream helps detoxify by increasing circulation & metabolic function and promoting blood and lymph fluid flow. Inch loss is permanent and it’s not a result of dehydrating skin. Drink lots of water and eat light the days before and after the wrap to continue detoxification.