Salon Greco provides Hair & Scalp Therapy in Suwanee, GA


This is where healthy hair starts. Our European Spa treatments for the hair and scalp are designed to restore, re-energize, balance, and add shine to stressed, over processed hair. Your stylist will make a professional recommendation as to which treatment would be appropriate. Come visit Salon Greco in Suwanee, GA to discuss your individual Hair/Scalp Therapy options.





The treatment includes a scalp massage with antibacterial ingredients that help eliminate the microorganisms responsible for seborrhea and dandruff. It is followed by an anti-dandruff shampoo and an anti-dandruff cream, which releases and eliminates dandruff normalizing the corneous layer of skin on the scalp. Itching is reduced substantially after just one application.

Deep Cleansing Scalp Massage      

Treatment leaves scalp clean, tingly and fresh! Helps regulate sebum production, controls scalp irritation and adds volume to hair. A favorite service for gentlemen, or anyone with scalp issues.

Thinning Hair & Scalp Treatment

Energizes tired, deficient scalp to combat hair loss and anemia. It vigorously fortifies the production of healthy hair and activates hair follicle growth. The ULTIMATE remedy of hair loss. Reduces DHT production & Blocks the Androgen receptors. Dermatologist Formulated & Recommended.

Pre/Post Color Treatment

Color causes a physical and chemical change to the hair strands. Pre Color treatments stabilize hair porosity prior to any color service for optimum color coverage & performance.

Post Color treatments replenish essential elements lost during the coloring process,

Stabilize color molecules and help ensure longer lasting color performance.


Hydressence/Luminessence Treatment

High impact moisture treatment for demanding, dry hair. Feel your hair turn to silk with our Hydressence treatment.

Our Luminessence treatment revitalizes, de-tangles and adds shine to baby fine hair without the weight. Increases elasticity and closes hair cuticle, leaving hair smooth, silky & glossier.


The ultimate service for hair shine. It creates a smooth sheathing of cuticle where non-exists. This clear treatment smooths out the outer layer of hair, resulting in a high glossy look. It also helps detangle hair and protects from color fading.