Image result for massageEveryone loves a good massage. Most times, it doesn’t matter if the person massaging you is a professional or not. It just feels good to be touched. Most people go to get a massage for relaxation, and most people also do not know that there are many more benefits to massage then just an hour or two of “slipping away”. Besides relaxation, massage is good for circulation, mood elevation, pain relief and rehabilitation.


Swedish massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues (or muscles) of the body. When receiving a massage, the veins in the body open up, which allows the strokes of massage to push metabolic waste through, thus increasing and improving the overall flow of your bloods’ circulation.

Mood Elevation

Massage is beneficial for people with Depression, Anxiety and Fatigue because it reduces the “stress hormone” called cortisol, which is a major player in high blood glucose and high blood pressure. By releasing serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter or “feel good hormone”, it lowers cortisol, thus reducing stress, and elevating the overall mood.

Pain Relief

Swedish massage is very important in reference to pain relief.  Sessions can be designed to target problem areas of chronic pain and discomfort. By applying the right pressure and stroke, a well trained therapist will be able to access the trouble areas within your muscles to break up adhesions and taut places in the body.


Many athletes use massage to help them with rehab, especially after an injury. Friction is a type of stroke used in Swedish massage, and when applied correctly, can break up scar tissue and promote a faster and less painful recovery.


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