If your hair is color treated, highlighted, balayaged, long or fine, it is porous and absorbs everything 10um or lower size.

Your hair is exposed to atmospheric pollution, smog, fine dust, exhaust fumes and hair styling products on a daily basis.

These pollutants attach themselves on the outer layer of hair weighing it down and making it dull looking.

On blond hair the effect is seeing as yellowing (brassiness). Some pollutants can even penetrate the hair fiber,

effecting both the elasticity and strength of the hair fiber.

If not protected, over time, hair becomes dry with split ends, dull faded color, brittle hair shaft, flat and lifeless.

According to Alaparf Milano research, this is what happens if you do not protect your hair from pollution:

15% Increase in dullness

17% increase in breakage

83% increase in friction during blow drying

30% increase in yellowing

Do not freak out! There is hope. To counteract the effects of environmental pollution chose professional hair care products that

do more than cleanse the hair. Ask your stylist for a recommendation on a hair specific treatment line that provides your hair

with an external shield protection.

We highly recommend Alphaparf Semi Delino line with Urban Defense Pro-Complex Shielding Action.