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When you’re venturing outside in the winter (even in Georgia) that air is typically very dry and cold. When you’re hanging out inside the heat is also drying out your hair. These conditions are not in any way helpful with keeping your hair hydrated.

As Spring and Summer are approaching with changing temps, the dynamic of our hair also changes.

Just like we do Spring cleaning in our homes with the windows wide open to bring in the fresh breeze, we need to do Spring cleaning on our hair too!

Here’s steps you take to rejuvenate your hair from Cathie at Salon Greco.

1. Trim

You’ve accumulated split ends during the summer months! Get a super fresh feeling by cutting them off with a good trim. If you want your hair to grow long and full this is essential! Split ends stop your hair from getting longer because the hair breaks off and you lose strength.


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2. Go Beyond a Trim with a Split End Hair Cut

What is a Split End Hair Cut? Well…it’s performed by a highly specialized machine that takes each individual hair and cuts 1/4″ off, reducing fly-aways from your scalp to your ends. It goes beyond a trim by reaching more split ends. Salon Greco in Suwanee, Georgia specializes in this kind of service.


3. Weather Appropriate Conditioner

Ask your stylist for their recommendation on what products you should be using at home. Avoid grocery store/drug store products as much as possible because they are not kind to your hair. Your stylist will customize your at-home products tailored to your hair texture and the living environment.

4. Shampoo TWICE

When you go to wash your hair….shampoo it twice. The first time cleans the dirt, and second time treats your hair. Make sure you’re conditioning EVERY time you shampoo so you’re not drying out your locks. Also rinse in cool water to increase sheen and lock in the moisture.

5. Clear Glaze

After you get your trim or split end hair cut, definitely consider glazing your hair to seal & condition your hair. It will leave your hair bouncy and extremely healthy. Bring on the shine!

6. Deep Treatments

Once a week at home you will want to go ahead and apply a deep conditioning treatment recommended to you by your stylist. This will be a weekly pick-me-up to your hair from all the stress is endures.


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So….you’re probably thinking you want to jump on revamping your hair. Good! You’re also wondering….how much is this going to cost me? At Salon Greco we offer many ways to earn rewards for our amazing clients (referral program/rewards app). We provide the ultimate experience we know you deserve.

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