If you’re new to massage and are interested in giving it a try, we highly recommend you try it! Our bodies are exhausted and worn from daily routine, stress and repetitive motion, and massage is a wonderful way to rejuvenate and relax the muscles.
You may be wondering what all is involved with massage? You may have seen images of models lying on a table with a towel covering her lower body and disc-shaped rocks laid along their spine. Well, that image is a nice one but it’s not an accurate one.
When you come in to your first appointment, you will be greeted by one of our lovely receptionists who will give you an intake form to fill out. In this form, your therapist will need to know what brings you in for massage, or what your goal for the appointment is: pain-relief, stress-reduction, increased range of motion, improvement in activity performance, or relaxation for an hour or so. The therapist will also need to know your medical history, such as any injuries or surgeries you may have had. This includes anything from a car accident a couple of weeks prior to your appointment to that fall from a second-story balcony when you were five. Any injury your body has sustained throughout your life will create changes that will still be present until proper treatment has been received. Please include any medications you are taking.

Once your intake form has been filled out, you’ll be escorted to our locker room and encouraged to change into a robe and sandals. For your convenience, we provide individual lockers where you can leave your clothes and personal items (you control the lock combination) before you wait in our spa lounge.
We ask that you wait for your therapist in our spa lounge. Use this short wait time to relax, decompress and/or help yourself to the teas, and flavored water. The therapist will greet you and lead you to the massage room where a full consultation will take place. The consultation will include any clarification of the information in your intake form, as well as a review of your goals for the session.

You’ll be instructed to undress to your comfort level when your therapist leaves the room (in most cases all clothing is removed, with the exception of underwear for your comfort) then to lay on the table underneath the sheet and blanket, either on your back face-up or face-down in the face-cradle. Your therapist will leave the room to allow you time to change and will knock on the door for permission to enter in a few minutes.
Your massage will be customized based on your needs, request and therapist’s professional recommendation.
At this time your massage begins.

All massage, whether it’s a Swedish or Deep Tissue, should feel good. Massage should NEVER be painful. Your therapist will check in with you throughout the massage to make sure the pressure is comfortable. Please let them know if at any point anything feels uncomfortable. During your massage you’ll be completely covered except for your head and the area the therapist is currently working. You’ll feel your therapist move an arm or leg to adjust for proper body mechanics or to give you a gentle stretch. Don’t try to help. All you have to do is relax, breath, and again, inform them if something feels uncomfortable. It’s perfectly normal for guests to fall asleep while receiving massage. We take it as a compliment. By the end of your session, you should feel loose and relaxed.

At the last part of your massage your therapist will place hot, wet towels on your back and feet for additional relaxation and for removal of any cream/oil that has not been absorbed by your skin.
When the massage is over, your therapists will instruct you to get dress and get ready for a post session consultation. Your therapist will exit the room to give you privacy to change and will return after a few minutes with a glass of water. After you get dressed, open the door of the room so your therapist knows you’re ready. It’s very important that you drink a lot of water after your massage, as bodywork will cause the body to detox.
During your post session consultation, the therapist will review your body’s assessment, share any relevant information you should be aware of, make a recommendation of frequency of visits between sessions, review at home use products and suggest exercises you should be doing to maximize the effect of your massage.

Your therapist will escort you to the front desk where our receptionists will make your next appointment.
We hope your first massage and the ones that follow will be relaxing, rejuvenating and a step toward your overall wellness.

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