Salon Greco offers the most Advanced Natural Skin Care

in Gwinnett County



Excited to announce we will be offering CBD facials soon!! More info to come, stay tuned ! 


Platinum Royal Facial

Truly a royal experience with gorgeous results that will leave you feeling like a Goddess.
Begin with Deep Cleansing, a Custom Enzyme Peel, Hydra or Microderm (depending on needs), Oxygen Infused Serum, Contouring Micro-current Massage, Custom Mask, and LED Therapy.
90 min


Hydraderm Facial

Our #1 Most Popular Treatment

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 1.40.30 PM

Performed with a specialized machine to cleanse, exfoliate, extract impurities, hydrate & infuse active ingredients to the skin, all at the same time. Much like a Micro Dermabrasion machine, the Hydraderm Facial uses a hand held vacuum based tip that jets out USP water and a mixture of clinically formulated ingredients in a unique vortex flow. The treatment extracts impurities from the skin & infuses nutrients at the same time, delivering optimum cleansing & hydration to the skin.

*Recommended once every 4-6 weeks for healthy maintenance*

  • 45 minutes
  • Distilled water is the key ingredient, we use purified, Pharmaceutical Grade water for better, deeper skin infusion.
  • Each step of our treatment is customized to suit your skin’s needs.
  • We customize your peel to suit your skin’s needs.
  • Includes a Peptide Infusion
  • Includes a soothing & calming mask & compress so you look and feel refreshed.

24K Gold Facial

Experience a luxurious facial treatment created to brighten skin, fade dark spots, soften wrinkles all while hydrating your skin. This treatment will remove dirt and minimize your pores and deliver a youthful & glowing look.



Red Carpet Facial

The perfect treatment before every special occasion, or if you’re looking for something a little extra! Enjoy the royal treatment that includes cleansing, Micro Dermabrasion, Serum Infusion, Micro Current Lift, Eye Treatment and Skin Balancing.

Your skin will be renewed and rejuvenated ready for a red carpet entrance.


The Greco Facial

Our Greco treatment is suited for all skin types & uses Natural European products to go beyond enhancing the look of your skin to restore harmony and balance. Our signature contouring massage will leave you looking toned, youthful, and totally rejuvenated, unlike any facial you have experienced. Includes lymphatic restoration & Micro Current facial massage. Get ready for complements!


RX Facial

Precisely concentrated active ingredients provide intensive provide intensive care of your skin during this facial treatment. Best suited for ski in need of volume, hydration and/or calming of Rosacea. It includes thorough cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, skin specific serum, a face neck and shoulder decollete massage, mask, sunscreen & skin balancing.


Lift & Firm Facial

Enjoy a luxurious moisturizing, anti-wrinkle treatment suitable for mature skin. Five high performance active ingredients are perfectly combined to help comb at the appearance of all types of wrinkles and tonal loss. This treatment has a firming agent and helps skin appear smoother, more elastic and youthful. It includes cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, Lifting/Firming serum, Micro Current facial massage, Life & Tone fleece mask, cream mask, sunscreen & toning cream.


Purifying Facial

A purifying facial is recommended as a first time facial, if you haven’t had a facial in awhile, or if you’re looking for a more basic deep cleansing facial. Includes skin analysis & diagnosis, deep cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, extractions, facial massage, active concentrate & moisturizing. After your Purifying Facial, you will receive a personalized skin care regiment suited for your skin’s needs recommended by your Aesthetician.



Express Facial

Facial Beauty on the run, yet skin specific and result oriented. Includes, cleansing, exfoliation & moisturizing.



Men’s Facial

Combines deep pore cleansers, exfoliates, mask & moisturizers to leave a man’s skin clean & looking youthful. Hot steam towels and a relaxing neck & shoulder massage round out the experience.


Now Offering Dermaplaning ! 

Manual, non-invasive surface exfoliation performed with a disposable sterile blade. Removes surface debris and vellus hair (peach fuzz). This procedure exfoliates and smooths skin. Increases saturation of follow up products. Primes skin for chemical peels and diminishes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Tone & Lift Treatments


Face Lift Sculpting by NeurotriS™

Our Face Lift Sculpting has been called the “non-surgical facelift”. We use specific bio-electric energy to stimulate & tone the deepest part of tissue & facial muscles to diminish fine lines, creases and wrinkles, while revitalizing & hydrating the skin making it smoother and softer.

The treatment also improves circulation & lymphatic drainage, rejuvenates the natural “glow” of your complexion, firms and contours skin, tightens sagging jowls, double chins, fatty cheeks, reduces acne, dark circles & puffiness under the eyes. No other aesthetic service can come close to these proven results!  There is no down time and is recommended as a series for long lasting effect.

What is Micro-current?

A voltage is applied across a conductive material (skin), one end becomes positive (+) and the other negative (-). Current is the movement of the electrons from one end to the other. This movement is measured in amperes or amps (symbol: A). Micro-current is simply a small number of electrons that move from one end to the other.

What is Micro-current Therapy?

Used by athletes and celebrities, micro-current therapy is the most talked about non-invasive solution to look and feel younger! Micro-current therapy is used today in the anti-aging industry by spas for facial and body sculpting in addition to medical offices for treating pain and reducing inflammation.

Face Lift Booster

Face lift sculpting for one specific area of the face. Choice of: neck, jowls, eyes or forehead



Facelift Sculpting

Our Radio Frequency Facial is designed to penetrate the outer skin layers and deliver heat energy to the tissues beneath.  This heat stimulation triggers collagen production and tissue contraction, therefore delivering tighter, brighter skin that shows less wrinkles. This non-surgical procedure has no downtime and becomes long lasting with a series of treatments.

Package – 3/$375        Package –  8/$1,050        Package – 12/$1,600 



L.E.D Light Therapy:

Our LED mask emits therapeutic wavelengths to aid in reduction acne, healing of scars, and jump start rejuvenation by adding fullness to the skin.

Micro Dermabrasion 

Crystal or Diamond

Ultrasonic Exfoliation

Contouring Micro Current Treatment

Fruit Enzyme Peel

Lymphatic Facial Cupping

Facial toning performed with Micro Current gloves for a natural lift & tone effect

Collagen 24K Gold Mask

Anti-aging Eye Treatment

Neck & Decollete Treatment


Vital Shot

Moisture, Oxygen, Algae, Lipids, Vitamin C