How Salon Greco can
Make Your Valentine’s Day Special

From “It’s the Thought that Counts” to “It’s the Best Gift Ever!”
Valentine’s Day- a day surrounded by chocolates, roses, warm embraces, and the promise of love… but how do you know what the perfect gift is for the perfect person in your life? The ever recognizable box of chocolate hearts is as overplayed as the bouquet of roses(not to say we ladies don’t still enjoy those little things here and there!), and the last thing you want your perfect someone to feel is “overplayed” or clumped in with the crowd on Valentine’s Day. So…how do you pick?

Well for starters, find a gift that says “I didn’t go to Walmart and pick this out of the candy aisle last minute on my way home”. I can hear the chorus now, “My significant other is sooo picky, I can’t ever find them a gift!”. For you, we have a solution: Gift Certificates! You have a general idea of what they like but NO ONE could possibly know what they would BUY except them… so let them choose! Pick an amount and let them decide how they spend, you instantly become the most thoughtful and amazing gift giver who conquered the “impossible gift” worries that strike every year.

For those “go-getters” who want to take their significant other’s Valentine’s Day to the next level, try planning a date night to surprise her with…one where all the effort is done for her! Send her to the salon before your date night begins to enjoy being pampered during a beautiful blow-out while preparing for your big night. A Date Night Glamour Session would not be complete with a decadent touch of the best makeup from our professional makeup artist; in just 1 hour, she will have you red carpet ready for your red hot date! This also eliminates the “I can’t find anything to wear” scenario that could put a damper on your potentially wonderful evening with on-time services from start to finish. If you’re thinking of a full transition from head to toe, there are pedicure packages as well 😉

Want to go a step further towards the title “Best Gift Giver”? Try a Couple’s Spa Package to relax and unwind together! The “Champagne and Rose Couple’s Indulgence” Package will have you melting into the holiday spirit between your couple’s massage followed by the continued ultimate experience for two in the Hydrotherapy room soaking away all the troubles of the world while soaking in each other’s love for the other. “No Work and All Play” is the spa mantra for our clients on Valentine’s Day, we set up the entire experience for you when booking the package; so the only time you will lift a finger is when you lift your glasses for a toast!

With so many different package and individual customizable options, you really can’t go wrong with a trip to the spa or salon for your special someone. You get to enjoy them walking in feeling special…we will do the work to make them feel the Greek God/Goddess within! Most importantly, they know they are not only loved, but so much more; because it is the thought that counts.