Experience instant gratification and enjoy the hair of your dreams at Salon Greco in Suwanee, Georgia.

Our hair extensions are custom blended to client’s existing color and texture. No one would know you were wearing extensions unless they saw the attachments. We guarantee comfort, blending to natural color & texture hair and shine. Cost includes instruction on home care and check up visit 2 weeks after application.

Pricing varies based on amount of hair, colors blended, length, texture and attachment technique. The exact price will be covered during your consultation.

Before & After Pictures of Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions - Fusion MethodFusion Method

The Fusion method uses a pliable bond to attach an extension to the existing hair. The bonded extension tip is placed onto the natural hair and heated with an electric melting connector. Using her fingers, a stylist forms the warm bond around the existing hair until it cools, stabilizes, and bonds. These extensions last from 3-4 months depending upon quality of care and growth rate. Hair is not reusable after removal. Fusion Method uses a liquid bond removal agent to disconnect and remove the extensions. Fusion Extensions are custom blended to clients’ hair color and texture. They are available in short, medium, long and extra long lengths.

Hair Extensions - Micro Links (Bead Method)Micro Links (Bead Method)

The Micro Link method uses a non-slip micro bead with a silicone insert to attach the extension to the existing hair. The tip looks much like the end of an ever-so-thin shoelace tip. Micro Links are a non-chemical application and an ideal method for protecting the hair. The hair is removed by simply unlocking the bead. Micro Link extensions are semi-permanent and last from 3-4 months depending upon quality of care and natural growth rate.

Hair Extensions - Tape In HairTape-In Hair

The Tape-In method is the fastest, easiest approach to applying hair extensions. Tape-In hair is designed with two strips of adhesive, pressed against the tip of the extension that attaches the extension to your natural hair. This is the least invasive extension to apply and is best suited for fine thin hair. Tape-In extensions are less permanent than other applications but are reusable. They can be worn up to 8 weeks, but require removal and fresh application of adhesive tape before reapplied. They are also quick and easy to remove. Each Tape-In is 1.5’ wide and 18” long. Tape-In hair comes in 12 natural color choices.

Hair Extensions - Clip In Clip OutClip-In ~ Clip-Out

Clip-In hair is applied using small plastic or metal clips that are pre-attached to the hair extension. Clip-In hair can be customized in narrow single clip extensions or a full-head assortment of wefts. Clients may apply Clip-In hair, with or without the help of a professional stylist.