Have you gone shopping for a flat iron lately? OMG! It’s crazy & confusing out there with so many types, brands & sizes to choose from. How do you choose the right one for your hair?

Best-Inexpensive-Flat-Iron-1Here’s what you need to know:

  • A flat iron is a wonderful but dangerous tool to use on your hair. Wonderful is it’s the correct type. Dangerous if you do not know how to use it.
  • A flat iron is not meant to be used every day. Eventually your hair will tell you … by disconnecting….
  • There are different types of flat irons for different types of hair.
  • Size matters!


With that been said, this is the short of it:

  • Use a 1/2 inch flat iron if you have fine, thin or short hair. It is easier to get close to the roots (if your hair is short) and it uses a smaller heated area best suited for fine hair.
  • Use an 1 ¼ inch to 2 inch flat iron if you have thick, course hair. Thick hair needs more heated area to straighten and smooth.
  • Choose a flat iron with a digital thermostat. It gives you the ability to control & change the level of heat. Use higher levels of heat for thicker, courser hair or on the hair at the back of the head; use less heat on fine, thin hair or on the hair around the hair line. Use higher heat on dark hair; lower heat on blond hair. Never use more than 400 degrees around the hair line.                   Remember it’s only hair! It can melt…
  • Always use a liquid thermal protectant on your hair after using all other styling products (just like sun screen) before you blow dry your hair. Your hair is less likely to burn or turn yellow if you are a blond.
  • Blow dry your hair completely before you flat iron it. Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. What do you think it does to hair at 400 degrees?   Hmmmm….
  • When flat ironing your hair, take small size sections and go over it only once (for fine hair) or twice (for thick hair). Going over and over and over the same section with the flat iron dries out the ends, makes hair dull, brittle and eventually melts it..

Choosing the right type of plates

Ceramic Plates distribute heat evenly on the plates of the flat iron – less potential of burning hair. Ceramic plates can crack after a while causing hair breakage.

Titanium Plates heat up faster than ceramic. That is good if you go over a section once. It’s bad if you go over a section too slow or too many times. These super hated plates can easily break hair if left on a section too long.

Tourmaline Plates are coated with a crystalline mineral that keeps hair less frizzy & add shine to the hair. These are usually professional tools but they are my favorites to use.

Still confused? Well, that’s why there are hairdressers in the world. Their job is to look at your hair and suggest the best tool for your hair type. Next time you visit your stylist, ask them what tools they recommend for you to use at home. Please buy your hair tools from your local salon. No hairstylist appreciates giving you a professional recommendation only to see you buy it from an online store.

By: Cathie Fennell   11/5/2015