As we move from the carefree days of summer to our normal school routines, a lot of things are at the forefront of minds of both parents and teens. Whenever teens are entering a setting such as school or a new job, putting their best face forward is a concern; a concern which is completely natural as we know from being told time and time again that “the first impression is the only impression” . So, if you are a teen, what can you do to make sure you are putting your best face forward as you make potential life-long friendships and connections? Getting regular teen facials can play an important part in a lifetime of understanding how your unique skin type behaves and how it needs to be cared for.


One thing that is important to know about teen skin is that it can be unpredictable and frustrating. Your body is producing more hormones than ever before, skin is producing more oil and skin cells causing teen acne, which unattended can cause long term scaring. Add to it the stress of school or a new job, and at times an unbalanced diet, and you get skin that reflects all of these changes.

Teen skin needs to be cared for gently, thoroughly, and routinely. I cannot stress the importance of these factors enough. Daily care should be very gentle (yet effective), appropriate products should be used correctly so that they are as effective as possible, and routine is possibly the most important component. Once you have your appropriate morning and night routine, STICK WITH IT! No exceptions. Monthly visits with your Esthetician for a professional facial is also a must to help keep your skin well maintained, healthy and clear of any breakouts and congestion.

So what is a “Teen Facial”? Many teens I’ve worked with have no idea of what a facial is, and do not know what to expect during one. Part of my job as a skin therapist, is to guide them through the process as I educate them on the needs of their skin and the necessary process to bring it to its highest level of health.

A teen facial is very relaxing and fun. Our teen facial includes: a customized consultation, a skin analysis under a skin scope, a very thorough deep cleansing to help remove excess oils, a gentle exfoliation to remove excess skin cells and soften congestion in the follicle, a treatment phase that encompasses a relaxing massage & a healing serum, followed by a detoxifying mask, and finally the application of a moisturizer and sunscreen. During each step of the facial I will educate you on the appropriate products, and the why & how to use them.

Having a professional facial can control, or even prevent teen break outs, oiliness and/or future scaring. Teens that start early with their professional skin care treatments admit it has made dealing with skin easier.

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Carmen Llorens

Carmen L. / Aesthetician

My specialty is skin analysis. I enjoy preparing my clients for special occasions & brides. Whether the event is a wedding, anniversary, milestone birthday celebration or a special date, I love to help clients put their best faces forward, through skin care or make-up applications.”