Whether or not you are taking great care of your skin with professional products and regular facial treatments, you are only treating superficial layers of the skin (surface skin cells). Have you noticed increased fine lines and sagging of muscles in your face? Your solution may be to target something much deeper than the epidermis, the muscle tissue beneath the skin! By targeting these muscles and sculpting them, you can achieve a firmer, more lifted and youthful appearance to the skin. Using an electrical current that mimics the same current that stimulates muscle movement throughout our bodies as commanded by our central nervous system, achieves face lift sculpting.

Face Lift sculpting gives estheticians like myself the ability to manipulate and mold the muscle tissues beneath the skin that may have begun to sag or loosen over time, which with continued and frequent use begin to provide wonderful, long lasting benefits for the skin. The benefits received from face lift sculpting go far beyond muscle toning and lifting.  While you are relaxing during your microcurrent treatment, your skin is at work, blood flow is being stimulated, which is great for oxygenation to the skin, necessary for healthy skin function.  From the very first treatment, a chain of chemical reactions being to happen within the skin, as muscles contract and relax, they release calcium ions, which plays a crucial role in muscle function and plasticity. Then comes the stimulation of the production collagen and elastin fibers, which are in a way the “scaffolding” or support system of the skin.  These important fiber networks give the skin its fullness and volume.  Over time these fibers normally deteriorate due to environmental or internal factors.

To being your series of treatments, I always recommend starting with a Purifying Facial that cleanses, exfoliates and balances the skin.  I can also assess and familiarize myself with your skin and create your personalized treatment plan. To achieve the best results with Facelift Sculpting, treatments must be done in a series for long term results.  Yes, the wonderful thing about Facelift Sculpting is that it will give you an immediate noticeable result, but unless those results are followed with another treatment they will fade. Lets face it, the aging process, the sagging and the wrinkles did not happen in one day, neither is the reversal going to take place in one treatment. Your series of treatments are done in a short time frame of 4-6 weeks, each appointment you will begin to notice the progress continuing forward starting with fine lines, and further along, changes in any deeper lines and sagging features.

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Carmen Llorens

Carmen L. / Aesthetician

My specialty is skin analysis. I enjoy preparing my clients for special occasions & brides. Whether the event is a wedding, anniversary, milestone birthday celebration or a special date, I love to help clients put their best faces forward, through skin care or make-up applications.”